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We believe that every entrepreneur deserves to be lucky, and luck is where skill and opportunity meet!

We help entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of economic growth. We therefore provide the conducive grounds upon which entrepreneurs can base their ventures, thereby uplifting communities.

An idea is good. However, implementation is key. We help entrepreneurs through the ideation process, right through to testing out a business model.

One of the key things in business is getting to know your peers. Through well-structured programmes and workshops, we seek to provide an environment in which entrepreneurs network with each other.

Knowledge and information is key in one's entrepreneurial journey. We equip the entrepreneur with all the necessary tools to help them grow personally, thereby ensuring growth for their business.

About Us

Start. Connect. Grow

The Startup Hatchery is a virtual business incubator for entrepreneurs, innovators and change-makers. We provide a hands-on virtual learning experience through online entrepreneurship training, mentorship and business support accessible anywhere, anytime. 

We empower entrepreneurs by developing their skills in areas that are necessary to achieve their personal and professional goals and provide support to create an innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Our Team


Nasmera Buckus

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Nasmera graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance, Economics and Information Systems. Recently, she has graduated with her MBA from the University of Stellenbosch Business School. She has 6 years experience in Financial Management, and 6 years experience as Procurement Manager & Supply Chain Specialist. 


Tania Cunningham

Co-founder, Chief Business Officer

Tania graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree, went on to get a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Lean Management. She is currently an MBA candidate at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. Tania has 10 years experience as a Learning and Development Specialist. She is a qualified Education, Training & Development Practitioner. 


The Startup Hatchery

The Peaks Business Centre

9 Pasita Street, 



Cape Town

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